This Site is Unofficially Abandoned

27 08 2010

Unfortunately, because we cannot post audio clips without paying. Room 222 has unofficially abandoned this site. Though we may come here from time to time when we would be bored.  I’m also having fun with C++. Good Luck with whatever you’re doing!


-Almond Coca-Cola


Still… Audio Clips To Be Posted

26 06 2010

Hi guys this is another post saying audio updates are postponed. Well this is because I’m still waiting for Almond to Email me the audio updates. So bye…

Audio Coming Soon… Probably

25 06 2010

Hey guys, it’s Almond. So yeah, some of the sound clips are already on my computer. Now if I could only put these in the site (I’m new to WordPress… How did I get here though?) and if it will accept the format. Converting is a LONG process (Not really, I’m just to lazy to post it). Also, as you can see, we can type correctly so for any of you who are asking, WE ARE NOT JEJEMONS!!! (LOL, I’m delusional) So yeah, that’s it.

This is Almond Coca-cola, signing o- Oh Look! a CIRCLE!!! ——————–> O

Agent x35 Logging in.

24 06 2010

Sup, Agent x35 in. Still waiting for the other two so we can (hopefully) start posting June 20(HK Time). Right now all i can say is Wait. For. IT.

Audio Updates Yet To Be Uploaded.

21 06 2010

Hi guys this 0069 and I’m with Almond Coca Cola and Four-Eyes. I disappointingly say that our Audio Updates are still inaccessible so we will just post it sometime this week. It’s still on Almond’s laptop (and we’re still waiting for the WIFI in Antarctica), were having a hard time to access it because we have very busy schedules. Yeah that’s it. Bye! AND REMEMBER we are 222Bored! (RING OF DOOOOOOM… -Almond Coca Cola)

Update Countdown…

19 06 2010

Hi 0069 here. Just want to tell you that we will post our first update on June 20, 2010. That’s on Monday (in our time of course) …

222 Bored Now ONLINE! (June 18 2010)

18 06 2010

Welcome to our blog! We are 222 Bored and we’re probably sitting here somewhere . . . obviously bored. In WE, we mean Almond Coca Cola (also known as Mikel Brunette), 0069 (Double O Sixty Nine), Agent x35 (formerly Everything-Make-Sense) and Four – Eyes. Our blog is about anything under the sun or even near it. We’re open to your suggestions for segments on our audio updates.

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